Are you looking to quickly grow your project controls teams to support an influx of projects? Up until now, the only training available to cost analysts, financial analysts and schedulers has been tool-related and on-the-job training.

Let’s face it, standing up a tool doesn’t constitute implementation of an earned value management system and on-the-job training takes time.

I propose that you invest in your project controls frontline teams and give them the tools to work as a community and the ability to obtain on-the- job training in a 2.5 day training class. This type of environment will ensure their success and grow a project controls community that will be valuable to their CAMs, PMs, your company and your customers.

We now have a 2.5-day Project Controls Training course available specifically for Cost Analysts, Financial Analysts and Schedulers.

Following the 2.5-day training course, the students will be able to demonstrate:

  •  Cost and schedule integration processes
  •  How cost and schedule integration apply to tool implementation
  •  Hands-on implementation experience with complex internal and external changes
  •  And discuss change management implementation processes
  •  Enhanced analysis skills

We can customize the training to align with your corporate standard operating procedures, reporting formats and projects, if preferred, for an additional cost.